Skilancer Solar

Skilancer Solar

Skilancer Solar: A Centrally controlled, self-powered, robotic arm for Automatic cleaning of solar panels.

Problem Statement: Experimental study on the effect of dust deposition on solar photovoltaic panels in desert environment have shown that the average degradation rate of the efficiencies of the solar modules exposed to dust are; 6.24%, 11.8% and 18.74% calculated for exposure periods of one day, one week and one month respectively. 

Solution: An automatic waterless panel cleaning robot for continuous and effective cleaning. This robot is capable of cleaning the panel at a frequency of 3-6 hours to prevent dust deposition. Thus power loss due to dust deposition is reduced less than 1%.

USP and Brief about the robot: The robot is self-powered as it has pre-installed solar panel on the body of the robot which eventually means no operational cost. The transnational motion is regulated by DC motor which is controlled by arduino. The cleaning of the solar panels is done by a rotating brush made up of nano fiber. The robot is designed for horizontal movement to clean the panels. The robot is placed on the solar table and the connection between two tables are done by connecting C-channel between the two tables, which gives an enhanced maneuverability to the robot from one table to the other. The length of the robots are completely customized as per the table’s dimensions.

Maintenance: Skilancer provides full predictive and corrective maintenance services for the robotic system through the lifetime of the PV site, and is committed to the highest service availability and SLA (Service Level Agreement).


Neeraj Kumar: (IIT Jodhpur) 2+ years of experience in Clean Energy and Manish Das( 8+ years of experience in Business Development and Marketing)


Current Pipeline: Punj Lloyd, Oswal Woolen Mills, Mahindra Solar, Aftaab Solar, IOCL, Sterling and Wilson.