PriceMap: PriceMap is a search engine for brick & mortar retail. 

Problem Statement As per Google 3 out of 4 buyers actually prefer to visit physical store and buy from there provide the following information is made available to them:

  • Which store(s) in vicinity has the product he intends to buy?
  • Price of the desired product at the nearby store.
  • What else may be available at the store which is related to the item he wants to buy.
  • Availability of the same item or something similar in store stock
  • Store location/timings and directions to reach it.

PriceMap Solution: PriceMap app solves these top five problems for buyers. It brings the convenience of on-line shopping at physical outlets for buyers. Once the buyer has searched on-line and decided on the product they want to buy, they can use the PriceMap app to get availability & pricing of the same product at physical retail outlets. This generates footfalls in the physical store from buyers who would typically buy on-line due to the hassle of searching for the product in local markets.


PriceMap is fundamentally different than any other venture in hyper local “O2O: online to offline” space. While all other O2O ventures follow the conventional path of seller uploading the inventory and buyer choosing what he/she wants to buy, PriceMap reverses the online shopping flow. On PriceMap, buyer determines what he/she wants to buy by searching on-line and broadcasts a query to the retailers, who revert back with availability & price response. This radical shift brings a new level of convenience for both buyers and sellers, as

  • Sellers don’t have to digitize the store inventory and maintain on a regular basis.
  • Buyers are not restricted to any one catalogue. PriceMap rides on the usual on-line product search done by the buyer via Google or his favourite site/app.


Current Status: PriceMap already has close to 1000+ retailers in its network across product categories such as mobile, watch, home & kitchen appliances, home audio/video, camera and more. In a short span of 3 months, close to ~50K consumers have installed the app and using it to discover product availability and best price in the local market.  

Founding Team:

PriceMap founding team has rich experience in entrepreneurship. Suresh Kabra, founder, is a serial entrepreneur whose last venture in mobile video space was acquired in 2013. Suresh holds a BE (BITS, Pilani), MS (Concordia, Montreal) and is an MIT, Sloan alumni.  Shishir Dubey, co-founder, has deep experience in mobile/web development and holds MCA from Delhi University.  

Key offers:

Offline to Online, Search for a Product online and get best price offers directly from shops near you using “PriceMap” offline cheaper than online