Cashngifts is utilizing this digital growth and India’s huge smartphone community to create a digital products marketplace. A social commerce platform aimed at selling Digital goods and deals, Cashngifts uses social ecommerce (users can promote and sell these digital goods to their circle of influence) to promote and sell a range of digital products such as gift cards, online bookings, gaming purchases financial products and digital services in education & entertainment.


Digital products have obvious advantages such as no physical inventory, instant delivery, currency independent, no logistics, short supply chain, and higher margins.

Brands are only paying for the items sold, they are saving huge on advertisements, thus brands can offer much more discounts then they usually offer.

We are building differentiation on
 PRODUCT: Uniquely Focus on digital deals which requires no shipping
 TECHNOLOGY: We are building a recommendation system to personalize deals to users based on their demographics and in-app browsing history.
 BUSINESS MODEL: Users can easily share deals by sharing a link instead of downloading & sharing catalogues. For every friend the user brings on to the app, the user can earn commissions from every
 transaction their friend does creating barriers to exit for existing users.
 REFERRAL: Deals make sure that users are not spamming their friends. Compared to other products, our referral-based deals not only enables a user to make money without creating a store but also brings new users to our app creating virality.

Team C

Founder- community building, marketing, brand alliances and business development (micro-influencers, support, graphic design, SEO, payouts).

Co-founder: technological requirements, backend engineering.

Co-founder: Designing and development of the app and the website.